October 14, 2014

The Client:

Mr and Mrs Smith bought Blackbird Cottage in the village where they live, to let it out to people visiting the Staffordshire area.

 The Project:

When the cottage was purchased it was very dilapidated and required extensive alterations to bring it back to a habitable condition. Unfortunately, the original contractor ceased trading before all of the work had been completed to an acceptable standard.

Edmond Shipway were both the Building Surveyor and Project Manager and invited ABC Solutions to tender for the outstanding works. This work comprised of curing various damp patches which had appeared, installing a perimeter concrete coping around a flat roof, completion of various joinery and decorating works.

The damp problems were cured by hacking off the new lime plaster and installing an injected chemical damp proof membrane both horizontally and vertically. The owners had insisted on using original building techniques so the wall was re-plastered in lime plaster. This takes longer to dry out than gypsum plaster and the work had to be completed in several visits.

The work was started in mid-March and completed by early May, allowing the owners to maximise the lettings through the summer.