January 12, 2021

We worked with some of our larger clients to provide Project Management services not only in the UK but across the globe with scheduled environmental upgrades to office space, taking advantage of low/zero occupancy, thus minimising further disruption. The project teams met through Zoom, Teams and Skype which has become the ‘new normal’ and in fact works well, making us more time efficient and reducing our carbon footprint impact on the environment by the reduction in travel.

These works centred around the introduction of remote monitoring of the office environment installing sensors that talk to ‘gateways’ that talk to the ‘cloud’ and back to a central monitoring platform in the UK, cutting edge technology providing real time reporting throughout the world. The works were implemented working with the local in country FM teams and technical installation engineers.

Other projects included project management of replacement major infrastructure services such as transformers, HVLV panels and water services to office space to allow touchless taps, flushing and remote monitoring of occupancy to facilitate a return to work in 2021 providing a safer and cleaner compliant environment.