Alan’s Progress – raising awareness for MND

ALAN UPDATE 20/02/2018

Accompanied by the support of my loving wife Hazel, its been a long day in Sheffield but all gone well. I have met the trial Doctor and one of the 2 nurses managing the trial. In 7 hours they did a physical examination, lung function test, ECG, cognitive assessments, blood taking (18 Phials in all – some of which is heading over to France,) and a Lumber Puncture which look longer than expected.  Starting Riluzole tomorrow – yippee!

I’m  the 79th person across Europe on the trial. I now have a whole schedule of monthly blood tests  ( to check “ Rilly “ does not damage my liver and kidneys), monthly phone calls from Sheffield to check how I am, half a dozen dates to do retests of most of today’s things and two more Lumber Punctures to enjoy ( not ) over the next 2 years.

The fight against MND ( now known as the Mean Nasty Disease ) has begun !!!!!!








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