DESK DOWNSIZING – a cautionary note!

April 25, 2017

For most of our working lives we’ve pretty well experienced using the same sized desk, the only noticeable change may be using a lighter veneer or laminate to get that ‘modern feel’

Just think about other ‘essentials’ we’ve been using over the same period, our cars, mobile phones, televisions, etc. and the big leaps they’ve made in design and capability.

It’s difficult to put the aesthetic pressure on the humble workstation it is after all a simple, functional product of few components.

The developments we’ve seen may include a simpler frame structure, shared components, more accessible cable management, different finishes, height adjustment and rectangular footprints.

The biggest ‘game changer’ has got to be the arrival of the flat screen, this has meant that the large and heavy monitors have been sent to recycling and made way for the trim, lightweight high definition flat screens. Together with striving for the paperless office and reduced bulk in hardware on or around your workstation, the assumption is we can reduce the size of the workstation?

This is technically correct and it has meant that we can space plan more workstations into defined areas, which will keep the property and asset managers happy when considering lease extensions or larger offices.

ABC Solutions have supported many businesses in this quest to intensify layouts using smaller 1400mm wide workstations, most commonly in the bench format and providing the operations and supporting hardware are suitable positive results have been found.

However a cautionary note should be added to ensure the future working conditions are tenable and compliant.


Will the close proximity working be acceptable taking into account noise from phone usage? – consider headsets

Can a clear desk policy be adopted; is there sufficient storage room for files, manuals and paper work? – good housekeeping

Will you exceed headcount numbers against your building Fire Certificate? – re-inspection advised

Will the mechanical services cope with the increased headcount – review existing systems

Are your power take off points (sockets and floor boxes) being overloaded? – review existing installation

Are you exceeding compliant density measured in either sqm or cubic m? – review


ABC Solutions can quickly and efficiently review your environment, working processes and compliance and advise on the right way forward through CAD Space Planning and review of the building infrastructure.

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