April 13, 2016

One of the biggest issues currently facing Asset, Property and Facility Managers is that of space and how best to utilise it, meeting building efficiencies, eclectic tasks, growth or consolidation.

The world is a changing place and the way we work and where we work are part of this exciting move forward embracing technologies in IT and how we access it.

Exciting this may be but the bottom line for most businesses is cost, and how we get a return on investment.

ABC Solutions have worked with many national and international companies demonstrating through innovative space planning how to use space most efficiently whilst remembering the core business activity and how and when new innovations can be introduced.

We have a proven track record on how we have increased numbers of workstations within existing retained office space through space planning incorporating collaborative working, hot desking, assigned workstations, huddle rooms and, a key element of the office, storage inventories.

It’s a huge subject and one that is personalised to every individual organisation we work with.

ABC Solutions can introduce new ideas and products to approach this transition from today to 2020 thinking.

The process starts with an informal (no cost) review of your existing space and the issues you are facing or likely to face in the future; growth or consolidation of your business.

From this point we engage and enter the space planning process.

This is the exciting part where we provide thought provoking outcomes, which have proven to save a complete floor or wing when lease breaks were due, better balance of workstations, meeting rooms, collaboration areas, break out zones, etc

Let ABC Solutions help your business work more efficiently and move you towards 2020, call us today or contact our Space Planners through