May 5, 2017

Since the launch of ‘Get Britain Standing’, it appears that health benefits of standing up whilst working is being recognised by both employers and employees.

People are now more likely to accept that sitting for extended periods without moving, may increase the risk and onset of a number of conditions and general unfitness

Again, the advance in technology changes and the way we work is pushing people into more sedentary life styles.  This does not mean, however, that we should switch from prolonged sitting to prolonged standing. Movement is the key for maintaining a healthy body, hence alternating between sitting and standing is the answer.

The furniture industry has responded by providing new and innovative sit/stand desk solutions. Over recent years the desks have grown in popularity and subsequently the pricing has dropped to a more affordable proposition. ABC Solutions offer a range of height adjustable desk solutions being manually, electrically or gas assisted fast crank operated.

Taking the wider view, stand work locations don’t have to necessarily to be the same desk in a height adjustable format. Collaboration areas incorporating higher surfaces, benches, tables can be considered or designated stand working zones maybe. This allows for more movement of staff together with opportunities to share ideas/discussions, socialise and collaborate.

ABC Solutions would be delighted to review your environment, working processes and budget and advise on the right way forward to suit your business

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