Air Sterilisers – for commercial space

Working in association with Packaged Energy Solutions Ltd we like these state of the art commercial air sterilisers to help fill your space with fresh, clean and sterilised air.

Using medical grade dual technology, the units circulate and purify the air around you up to 8 times every hour. By sterilising the air the units kill 99.7% of bacteria and airborne viruses.


The world is changing around us. New diseases, new risks and a new focus on clean living means breathing purified air is more important than ever before.air cleaner

Let’s not go back to the old ways of working!

Let’s not go back to the old ways of working, the pandemic has helped to give the fit out and refurbishment industry the time to think about where time may have been wasted in the past (travel for example) and has prompted efficiencies and better communications. We have to look at the positives, we will always value and need face to face contact, especially after it was so thin on the ground last year.

COVID has accelerated change for the good and it has forced us to embrace technology and evidence of increasing collaboration along the supply chain to the end user is a reason to feel optimistic that 2021 is the year to grow relationships and grow your business.

There will be new challenges this year, brought about by Brexit for example, but rest assured ABC Solutions will continue to support its clients just as much as it did last year, and the years before that.

Fulcro Engineering Services

Fulcro decided to take a positive from the current lockdowns and staff working from home to refresh their rural offices by replacing the carpets throughout the office, meeting rooms, kitchen and entrance lobby.

Several samples were put forward, deciding to go with JHS Glastonbury designer heavy contract carpet tiles.

ABC undertook to replace the carpet, advising Fulcro that the existing furniture, including the Christmas tree could remain insitu letting ABC’s team of fitters manage the process of uplift, latex and laying new tiles.

This takes away the worry of dismantling or moving furniture and ensures that minimum disruption occurs. ABC’s Project Manager ensured that all seating, mobile storage, data cabling and equipment was returned to the workstations providing a covert operation (including the Christmas tree!)

The entrance lobby was upgraded with new ‘Barrier Mat’ to finish the new flooring makeover.

Entrance Lobby

Entrance Lobby


We worked with some of our larger clients to provide Project Management services not only in the UK but across the globe with scheduled environmental upgrades to office space, taking advantage of low/zero occupancy, thus minimising further disruption. The project teams met through Zoom, Teams and Skype which has become the ‘new normal’ and in fact works well, making us more time efficient and reducing our carbon footprint impact on the environment by the reduction in travel.

These works centred around the introduction of remote monitoring of the office environment installing sensors that talk to ‘gateways’ that talk to the ‘cloud’ and back to a central monitoring platform in the UK, cutting edge technology providing real time reporting throughout the world. The works were implemented working with the local in country FM teams and technical installation engineers.

Other projects included project management of replacement major infrastructure services such as transformers, HVLV panels and water services to office space to allow touchless taps, flushing and remote monitoring of occupancy to facilitate a return to work in 2021 providing a safer and cleaner compliant environment.

Lodders Solicitors, Birmingham

IMG_6857 IMG_6862 IMG_6858Lodders Solicitors Birmingham office is located in the elegant St Paul’s Square region of the city.

Typical of the buildings in St Paul’s Square, the building has an extensive brick vaulted basement area, currently under utilised and in need of some tlc.

ABC Solutions reviewed the space with the Property Team and as a Phase 1 refurbishment action carried out works to the common areas (lobbies and staircases) and the abandoned washroom facility.

As with most basement projects the mechanical services will always be a challenge, in this case the safe and compliant removal of waste waters to a mains supply. A new Saniflo pump was installed connecting to the WC together with mains water supplies from the existing domestic supply.

New low energy LED lighting, power supplies and a small water heater were installed to complete the electrical services.

New carpets, vinyl flooring, paint decorations and brick sealing completed the finishes.

Innovative Lighting Scheme – Birmingham

Seeking improvements to the lighting at a leading international telecommunications company, ABC Project Management were appointed to deliver a new and innovative lighting scheme to 52,000sqft office accommodation. Llumarlite specified and installed lighting solutions that would deliver on environmental initiatives to reduce energy and maintenance costs. During an initial site visit Llurmalite identified additional areas within the office that would help the client make lighting savings to their ‘in use’ lighting and suggested potential secondary cost savings.

Follow this link for the full story:

Office/Comms Room, Edinburgh

Working with a long-standing global client we were involved with the design and engagement process to upgrade an existing comms room to accommodate growth in equipment levels.

The scope was to provide additional power supplies (16amp Commando sockets on a dedicated supply) for comms racks together with upgrading the cooling and resilience following a design review.

Working with partners ECG (Scotland), ABC managed the project from design to completion to meet a deadline for new equipment being installed.

Osborne Nursery School, Erdington

Our returning friends at Osborne Nursery School, Erdington were able to spend an additional budget on a balance of new office furniture and seating to compliment the range previously supplied by ABC.

We maximised the amount of desk space and storage, including installation of open shelving, to the offices whilst maintaining compliance to space requirements.


The Client:

Keyfuels, Walsall

 The Project:

The complete refurbishment and refresh of the offices located in Walsall, with redundant space being brought into scope to accommodate the relocating IT team from another location.

The works were programmed to be executed during normal working hours and to maintain business as usual for all teams. Using areas of redundant space, prior to the consolidation, we moved teams over weekends to provide available space to refurbish on a rolling programme.

The scope of works were to remodel the work areas and space plan layout which included replacement of suspended ceiling tiles, redecorations, new carpet tiles, replacement door ironmongery, updating/compliance on the electrical installation, kitchen/breakout and toilet refurbishments and provision of new storage cabinets and breakout furniture.

The project was completed on budget and within the project programme maintaining business as usual throughout.

Female Toilets

Keyfuels WC


The Client:

Lodders Solicitors

 The Project:

Following the completion of the recently refurbished adjoining meeting room suite it naturally followed that the front of house reception was in need of a refresh.

The area was taken back to the building shell following the removal of the suspended ceiling, clamp and cover partitions in lieu of tape/fill flush boards, services cabinet, core fire doors, lighting and cabling.

The refurbishment included new flooring, decorations, suspended ceiling, bespoke and stock furniture, LED lighting and data/power cabling to the new reception desk.

The project was completed on budget and over 2 x phased weekends to maintain business as usual between phases.



Lodders reception 2 Lodders Reception 1

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