Office relocation sanity check

The main point to remember when you are relocating within your office or to a new location is track-ability. Ask yourself the question – “If an item from your desk went astray, how would someone identify this as my possession”? The key message therefore is to label items clearly with your move details, i.e. name, desk number, floor, building name, etc.

The following guideline bullet points will help minimise loss, damage and misplacement of your possessions.

IT crates should only be used for IT equipment! Paperwork, files, etc when loaded into these crates become too heavy and pose a manual handling risk for porters. IT crates are generally purple and yellow in colour and are physically larger than general move crates.

General packing crates are for all personal possessions, filing and general items. These crates should be level filled only, to allow stacking during moving and/or transportation. General moving crates are normally either red or green in colour.

Whichever crate you use, a label (supplied by moving company) clearly indicating your name, desk number and location should be stuck onto the end (narrowest side) of the crate to allow easy identification for the moving team, in particular when stacked. Note if labels are put onto lids, identification can’t be made when stacked!

Don’t try and stack the crates, this will be done by the porters who are trained in Manual Handling.

When clearing your desk ensure that all items from desk pedestals have been removed. Any items that may have a personal value (cost or personal) should be taken home prior to the move to ensure they remain your responsibility, ie pictures in frames, etc

Any items which may have a high value (cost or corporate) and would normally be secure, i.e. in a locked drawer, should be identified prior to the move to ensure they are not left in a position of vulnerability.

All items of IT should be labeled, ie monitor, keyboard, processor and mouse with name, desk number, etc and left on your desk, fully shut down.

The internal IT team or the relocation porters will disconnect equipment from power source and network.

We would suggest that laptops are kept in the possession of the user and not packed into crates. Docking stations can remain in place and labeled.

Do not unplug and pack your telephone. This will be managed by the internal IT team or specialist appointed contractor.

If filing cabinets are being moved within the building they can be left full, preferably locked.

If personal desk pedestals are being moved within the building they can be left full, preferably locked subject to the approval of the project manager. This would apply if pedestals can be used at compatible desks elsewhere – check with project manager.

All contents of cupboards (with shelves) that are being moved should be packed into relocation crates. Crates should be labeled to indicate department, cupboard reference number and if needs be, per shelf (if items are stored in a particular sequence)

If chairs are being moved stick a label to rear of back rest with name, desk number, etc.

When packing crates, etc be mindful of access for other building users and in particular means of escape and exit. Do not block fire exit doors!

If in any doubt discuss your concern with the project manager or move sponsor.

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